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Course content created from Be Positive's vast experience of Business Analysis combined with current industry standards.

1. The Role of a BA

This module covers the basics of Business Analysis and helps you understand the role of a Business Analyst.  We will also look at where Business Analysis fits in a project, key concepts, requirements classification and who a BA engages with.

2. Underlying Competencies

This module covers underlying competencies and discusses the behaviours, characteristics, knowledge and personal qualities that support the practice of Business Analysis.

3. Planning the Analysis

This module covers the techniques used to enable you to successfully plan a piece of analysis and pays particular attention to the project Terms of Reference which is the foundation document for all projects or pieces of work.

4. Gathering Information

This module covers information gathering and explains what it means, why we do it, the different types of information there is and common tools and techniques used.

5. Analyse the Business

This module covers techniques we can use to analyse the business, provides an introduction to modelling and takes a look at the range of techniques available.  This module also helps us make sense of all the useful information we have gathered.

6. Stakeholder Management

The module covers the importance of stakeholder identification, analysis and management by looking at the people we deal with and relationships with build with them.

7. Analysing & Specifying Requirements

This module covers requirements and explains what they are, what makes a good requirement and also provide some hints and tips when it comes to writing requirements.

8. Requirements Review
& Sign Off

This module covers the requirements review and sign-off process and looks at how to make sure we have a really good set of requirements, how do we review them and how do we manage sign-off.

9. Managing Requirements
after Sign Off

This module covers managing requirements after sign-off and looks at how requirements might change after they have been signed off and the important topic of requirements traceability.

IIBA® ECBA® Exam Support 

BA Simplified is aligned with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge - BABOK® which means that not only are you strengthening your business analysis knowledge, you are also adding to the personal development hours necessary to sit the ECBA® exam.

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BA Simplified lets you learn at a pace that suits you

We recognise that time and cost can often be a barrier to learning new skills.  BA simplified provides an affordable opportunity for you to learn at a pace that suits you.  This could be on your daily commute, during your lunch break or from the comfort of your own home.

Course Objectives

Develop key BA competencies and proficiencies: analytical thinking and problem solving, behavioural characteristics, business knowledge, communication skills, interaction skills.

Undertake business analysis work using industry recognised best practice tools and techniques.

To gain an understanding of the role of a Business Analyst and what it takes to become a successful Business Analyst.

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